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Orders for Shipbuilding/Repairing (Details)
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  Offer Information & Short Description
Posted Date 06-07-25 Capacity 000000 DWT
Vessel Type Bulk Country China
Type of order Repairing Price(USD) 000000
  Details & Description

Yuangyang Maritime Co., LTD. Was founded in 2001. It is one of the main maritime companies in
China. The headquarters of the Company is registered in Chinas biggest sea-port –Shanghai.
Yuangyang Maritime consists of two sub-companies, i, e. Yuangyang Maritime Services Co. LTD. And
Yuangyang Ship Engineering Co. LTD. The employees are engineers and senior engineers with many
years of experience in repairing deck, engine and electricity. They have ability to undertake
voyage repair and dock repair for the ships of all descriptions. The Co. has professional
personnel and good powerful partner companies in China¡¯s major sea ports.
Yuangyang Maritime has the ability to satisfy the requirements of owners and fulfill all kinds
of work assigned by ship¡¯s owners. The operational principle of Yuangyang Maritime is ¡°Quality
First, Honesty Service¡±. Our Co. is willing to develop and create brilliant future together
with ship owners.

Repairing agent
Yuangyang Maritime has been devoting every effort to provide repairing with be4st quality and
reliability, and competitive price on international market. We have rich shipyard resources in
Shanghai area, Zhoushan, Tianjin and Qingdao and etc. Based on long-term cooperation, we have
established close relations with many shipyards in China. They are capable to provide first-rate
service, first-rate speed and quality. As a repair agent, Yuangyang Maritime has established
long-term strategic cooperative partnership relation with several Shipping Companies.

Supply of marine spare parts
We have stock of spare parts of all types, including consumable parts. We can supply the spare
parts of Diesel engine, Turbocharger, Boilers, Air compressor, Refrigerator, Hydraulic pump, Oil
separator, Heating exchanger, Signal lights, Sealed life-saving equipment, communication and
Navigation equipments, Cooling system, ventilation equipments, Fire-fighting equipments, and
marine doors and windows and Second-hand equipments as well. In other words, Our business covers
all kinds of shipborne parts and equipments. In shortest time, we could give you our best
quotation of price based on client¡¯s request.

Voyage Repair
Professional repair services are provided by our Co. for ship owners in Shanghai area. Main
service includes:
Making steel structure and renewal;
Machinery repair: M/E,A/E, generator set, oil separator, air compressor, turbocharger, water
pump, speed regulator, boiler, refrigerator and air-conditioning, automatic control system,
hydraulic pump, valves and pipes and etc.
Electric appliance repair: Motor, generator, main distribution board and instruments and etc.
Renewal and processing:
Piston head, piston group, piston rod, oil nozzle, hatch cover lifting cylinder, crank shaft,
camshaft, cylinder jacket, cylinder head, exhaust valve, bearing and etc..
Lifting equipment:
We have rich experience in repairing all kinds of hydraulic and electric marine lifting
Yuangyang Maritime possesses first rate equipments, machinery and strict quality control.
We can provide ship owners with good professional servive no matter the repair is carried out in
shipyard or during laying days in port.

Supply of ship¡¯s stores:
Anchor, chain, ropes, marine wire, mooring fittings, aerating cap, steel pipe, marine valve,
guide roll, bitt and etc. stores. All kinds of daily necessities and provisions to be supplied
as well.

Ship¡¯s oil sludge disposal:
The company possesses three l000dwt working barges and more than 80 workers with professional
diploma for oil sludge disposal at port of Shanghai, relevant facilities are equipped for
collecting various sludge, cleaning oil tank and disposing emergency oil spill.

Detection of fire-fighting equipment and supply of spare parts:
Annual survey to be carried out to ship¡¯s fire-fighting equipments and renewing spare parts in
life boats, maintenance, detection and renewal to be conducted to large c02 extinguishing
system, portable extinguisher and powder extinguishing equipments.

Maritime technical service:
1) Pilotage consult and service for ship in Shanghai area;
2) Towing operation consult and service for ships in Shanghai area.

Making cargo handling fittings (grab):
Cooperating factories have the ability to make all kinds of cargo handling facilities. All kinds
of grabs products are mainly exported to Europe, America and Southeast markets. They are
approved by CCS.

Ocean-going shipping agency:
In 2006, Yuangyang Maritime has extended cooperating fields and established cooperating
relations with Shanghai Seven Seas International Shipping Agency. The sub company of Seven seas
Group-Seven Seas International Shipping Agency is a professional Co. approved by Ministry of
Communications of China and Commission for Economic & Trading, engaging in ocean-going shipping
agency in Shanghai port. The Co. is well known in Shanghai Port. The characteristics of the
company is in handling dangerous cargo ships. She keeps good relations with Maritime Safety
Administration of P.R.C., Harbor Administration organ, The Customs, Pilot Station and etc. The
Company can provide ship owners with all round professional service in Shanghai Harbor.

Advisor on new ship building:
Upon careful selection the Company has established long term cooperating relations with several
shipyards as new shipbuilding base. Personnel and soft/hardware of these shipyards have reached
a certain level in steel structure processing equipment, section fabrication, platform, assembly
platform, lifting equipment, welding equipment and personnel, electromechanical equipment
installation test personnel. The Company can undertake all kinds of shipbuilding. The Company
can organize spot construction team and assign spot supervisors and surveyors from ship
scientific research, design concept, technical design, construction design, production
management to control quality during total process of shipbuilding. It embodies the management
level, technical level in Shanghai ship building fields so as to ensure the quality of ship
The scope of ship building:
Below l5,000 dwt, including bulk, general cargo, oil tanker, product oil tanker, container ship,
engineering ship and tugs and etc. As to l5,000-35,000t bulk vessel and tanker can be properly
arranged, too.
Specification: Ships and tankers can be built according to CCS and foreign Classifications
Society. Marine equipments can be complemented at home or imported abroad.
Design drawings:
Buyers can bring their own design drawings with them and the construction design will be
completed by the company.
Ship survey and quality control:
Design can be done according to CCS.
Perfect our skill constantly in construction and ensuring quality. Buyers can appoint CCS
surveyors for spot survey and certification. Ship owners may assign representative on spot
supervision during construction.
Price: The price is competitive among small and medium shipyards at home.

By the agency of Yuangyang following specified marine products are handled:
We are first class agency of makers with professional products. We provide ship owners with
lowest price and best service.
IMO standard SVDR
The Rules concerning SVDR by IMO
In 2004, in newly added V/20.2- Navigational data recorder in SOLAS by IMO, the ships engaging
in ocean-going voyage should be fitted with VDR, i, e, SVDR according to the following time:
(1) 20,000 gross tonnage and over cargo ships built before July l, 2002, and first scheduled dry
docking repair date after July 1, 2006 but not late than July 1,2009.
(2) 3000 Gross tonnage and over but below 20,000 GT cargo ships built before July 1, 2002, and
first scheduled dry docking repair date after July 1, 2007, but not late than July 1, 2010.
Technical features of SVDR:
 Small in size, light in weight, easy to install, workload can be decreased greatly;
 USB cascaded technique is adopted, flexible joint to satisfy different clients;
 According to clients¡¯ requirement choosing USB movable disk, local net, movable disk
block and etc. various data storage modes, the space of storage is large and flexible;
 High reliability and stability, MTBF more than 30,000 hours.
IMO new standard marine oil separator
Y-05 marine oil separator is latest developed marine bilge water pollution protection equipment.
According to MEPC. 107(49) Resolution approved by International Marine Environment Protection
Committee to meet revised Guide and Technical Condition. After treating oily water emulsion can
reach 15PPM performance criterion.
 Contact Information
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